VitruvianMan unifiedtheory


The Boat
Dandelion Patch | Video
Dream of a Distant Time
Floating on the Lake at Night
Going to the Edge
The Abyss

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    Force equals Mass times Acceleration

    A concept album (i.e. the packaging of The Unified Theorists as a group, the album cover using Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the album title using Newton's famous formula: F = ma, Force equals Mass times Acceleration, the head images of over 100 famous physicists and philosophers, and, the mathematical formulas suggesting the unified theory will be based upon F = ma), this music is powerful, contemporary and enjoyable.

    Each song is conceptual; the string that ties them all together is a collection of ideas and experiences about life: Philosophy, Cartoons (entertainment), Eternal Love, Fame, Overcoming, Age, Risk, Work, Poetry, and, the Unknown.

    The Boat is about Charon (gatekeeper to the underworld in Greek Mythology) - it is really about Nietzsche saying "Stop saying you hate the world you are in".
    The Dandelion Patch is about the end of a cartoon strip that I loved. Berkeley Breathed stopped publishing it (Bloom County) in 1989 then started it again later.
    Dream of a Distant Time is about eternal love, past present and future.
    Floating on the Lake at Night is about finding solitude once you have become famous "Lighthouse lonely rhythm sets the beat, helping my mind escape the heat",
    Waiting is about love and astronomy: "look in my eyes, the Sun has become a giant dwarf star" mixed with Nietzsche's will to power "feeding on the feeling...I will achieve the means I am seeking..." Even after the sun explodes, there is still hope if there is love.
    Age is about how youth is ignorant of what it is like to become old and how an old man might have more energy and vitality than you might think "Iíve still got many years to go! I'm not dead yet you know! I'm only old!" It is a great concert starter (long piano intro because the rift is so unique and compelling).
    Going to the Edge is a love song about risk and love and sex: "I love you more than I can say...When you are feeling it deep inside you... Hold on, we're going to the edge...we'll make your dreams come true..."
    Bluesyman is about global warming "This music we make is for spirits as free as the wind's thunderstorms, you are forewarned!", corporate idolatry "Kneel down to your corporate gods and beg for something divine" and how music seems to be able to overcome the anxiety related to this issue, yet does not solve it. "To all of us near, the message is so sweet comes out of the deep." You have to listen to the song to really appreciate it.
    Eliot is about T.S. Eliot and his poetry "We are born with the dead, with a pillow for our heads". I thought he ran away from reality, so it is really about how his poetry tends to be reclusive: "Running away!"
    The Abyss with no lyrics is a great performance song.

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    © 2008 Jim Rota